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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

... Why?!

I've been hybernating in the house for a while and decided to go out today... *sigh*... big bloody mistake!! I dont know what it is about people in my area... or people in general... they piss me offfffff!! I mean I know I was on swags today (this girl is a sly droppers... meaning I looked nice), I'm not even shallow but everyone knows when they look on point and today I did!!

I digress... so I'm going to the centre to pay bills, sort out my finances basically and from the time I enter my 1st stop... Im already negged out!! 'Why the hell are you watching my face... bloody pricks?!' People are watching my face hard... and if you know me... you will know that this is one of my pet peeves... like if you want to look at my face you can, but keep it to a minimum... like 30 seconds... is that too much even?! Goossshhhhh!!

I shoulda worn this tee... but what about the staring ladies? Hahaha... actually it could apply to them too.. Rant over!!

- Gabrielle

Friday, 17 October 2008

This Girl Has No Issues...

... And the same goes for many other black girls around the world, but for some funny reason... we are the most talked about!! If it isn't our rude attitude, crazy ways or even 'anger syndrome'... (imagine)... it's always something else.

So... this blog is for you... for me... for us!! In fact... you don't even have to be black! I'm not saying that females are perfect, far from it... but I'm going to air it all out... what people tend to think but are scared to say... you'll find it here!!

No boundaries. Just all truth!!


- Gabrielle