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Monday, 9 February 2009

Pure Folly!

The previous blog was just to update you guys on my situation... the serious perspective on life!

Now for the folly... Imagine my surprise, went to church on Sunday and a friend was updating me on the nonsense that occurred the week I wasn't present! My friend (lets call her Kim) told me that this girl came to church with a chip on her shoulder... (bear in mind, she came with her posse, kmt) to confront Kim about something she had said! OK... fair enough thats all good! But the situation with me... is a little more complex! I heard something about this 'Queen' and was quite surprised because it doesn't seem like its in her nature... the twist is that her best friend is my best friend... so obviously I'm going to ask my best friend whether its true!!

I don't know what my BF said to her but all I know is that she deleted me off FB! To be fair... I didn't notice... its only when Kim told me about her situation (oh yeah, the Queen deleted her too) that I decided to check... my initial reaction... I couldnt stop laughing! Seriously, you know when you laugh so hard your stomach hurts and you cry!! Well, it was that kind of laughter... reason because... did she really think that deleting me would have an effect or something?! Like I don't get it... quite immature if you ask me! She could have asked me point blank and I would have told her the truth... POINT BLANK!! All I did was ask a question because I doubted that it was in her nature and her reaction to that was to delete me... *sighs*... you can't help them all! I was going to message her actually... along the words of 'how immature... you shoulda just confronted me about the problem' buuutttt I decided against it!

Its not even a big deal... which makes me think... if she has so much of a problem with it... and has reacted so adversely... maybe there is some truth to whatever I asked my BF!! And to my BF... loooool!! Laughing for days mate!

Next topic... why do guys cheat?! Like... no seriously... a guy can have a girlfriend but still go elsewhere! I don't get it! You proclaim on FB that she is your wife and you love her and there is no one else like her... but you're stepping out on her quite frequently! QUESTION: Are guys not aware that everybody knows everybody?? Especially girls... its so dangerous... you're just bound to get caught!

Why do girls trip over guys? Girls get on my nerves at times because they are so quick to say what they would do if ther main did this... or if a guy did this... and then when it happens... they dont do anything!! You're looking at them, waiting for the reaction that they said they would have... and then nothing! Just hype!! Girls are hype artists! Thats what they know best... same goes to that 'Queen' I was referring to... HYPE!!

A more light hearted post... I promise!! Lol!!

- Gabrielle


Its taken me over a month to come back and write something... I started temping in an investment bank and its taken up all my time!! Never a dull moment... I'll share what I remember...

Working 9-5 in a company where I'm the only female and ethnic member of the team!*shock, horror*... what happened to diversity?! Well, I've had to press on and even though the work I could complete the work with my eyes closed... I'm having a laugh just watching the 'rules of the office'...

I'm never at the same desk in the office and constantly being moved around has me sitting next to new people and hearing the office goss. One guy I sat next to liked to make booty calls (I kid you not) during work hours, another guy likes to talk about the weather and how long it will take him to get home... and the rest... football, weather, their missus and the pub!! The conversation is limited but the humour is consistent...

One day on my way to work, got on the train, grabbed a seat and started conversing on my BlackBerry! I felt like I was being watched so naturally, I looked up! I locked eyes with a guy... he looked familiar... so I analysed his face then realised that in actual fact I didn't know him. I carried on my journey, got to my destination and made my way to work! Everybody knows the pace that you walk in when you're in the city... my feet are pounding the pavements fast and hard, when I hear 'Excuse me, did you go to so and so college?'

So thats where I knew this guy from... err nah! He didnt go to my college... or my uni... or my church... didnt live in my area... sooooo you can imagine how confused I was!! Lets cut to the chase... I think this guy has seen me on Facebook tagged in my cousin's pics and tried to style it out like he knew me from somewhere else... *rolls eyes* - anyway the guy seems alrite but its really not that season!

Manifest Destiny '09... got something planned and I'm having mixed feelings but I will let you know nearer the time!!

Keep hope alive!!

- Gabrielle