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Monday, 29 December 2008

An update is more than needed...

So right now I'm in an internet cafe, kmt... my laptop died! *sigh* After spending £200 to get it fixed, it literally just died on my lap... couldn't resuscitate it! I had some things to sort out that my Blackberry wouldn't allow, so thought I might as well update you guys on the latest!! At least keep you amused til the next post!!

Where do I begin...

Ok!! I told you I met someone right... haha... erase that from your memory!! I feel bamboozled once again, because when I met him he was nice, charming and held an intelligent conversation! I don't know whether I was wrong for giving him my number or wrong for not lying in saying I had a boyfriend! Either way... I was looking forward to future interaction and hmm... I was not impressed! Quite appalled in fact!

"On the day I flew back from Naija, I had to go to my girlfriends place because it would have taken me yearssss to get home. As soon as I got there, I fell asleep then I woke up and took my bath!! You know my girlfriend came in to 'SCROB' *side eye* my back... she actually 'scrobbed' my back!"

That was it for me!! A sign from above... such a crystal clear sign that this was not the guy for me!! I can only look back and laugh!!

Nothing much has been happening... just anticipating 2009!! 2008 was shite... I don't care, I don't care! If the year was good for you... congratulations!! I just want 2008 to be over so I can at least anticipate something good happening in 2009!! Manifest destiny and all!!

There seems to be so many events at the end of the year... birthdays, jamming sessions, house parties etc!! I make up for my hibernation in December and these past few days/weeks have been no exception! I really had a good time at a friends birthday dinner... laughing with friends, insulting the waiters (haha... I'm joking!! I would never do that), meeting new people - networking around the room!!! I really liked the company and the guys there were not baaaadd!! Lol! I find it funny when guys flirt... hahaha, every guy has a different method but it's all still the same outcome!! They don't get the 079... loool... but the build up is entertaining!!

I was on a high from my friend's dinner and was persuaded by a good friend to go to a 'get together' sorta thing! Now, I did plan to go earlier in the week but as the day drew closer, I decided against it! I couldn't tell you the reason but I just didn't feel like going! And one lesson I've learned so prominently is 'stick with your gut feeling'... it just wasn't my crowd! I wasn't comfortable and I was on my BB throughout... I love my BB... but come on!! I'm not even going to say what was going through my mind whilst I was there but I will give props to the host ('cos I know he reads this)... It was a good night for many but I'm just not 'down' for that crowd!!

Another big lesson... I go to no events without one member of the team!! A very strict rule from now on... *sigh*

Happy Holidays!!

P.S. Hopefully I will post before New Years Day... but you know the deal!!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Hmm... Im In One of Those Moods Today! Lol!

I hate London Transport... with a PASSION!! Why did I innocently get on the train to go home and see this chick fully digging out her boogers?! WTH?? Is that even acceptable? Proper diggin out her nose like her life depended on it... I was so sickened!! Then she's gonna go home to her man (if she has one, her hygiene levels would suggest otherwise) and hug him up with her booger infested hands!! KMT!! FOOL!

I met someone... lool!! No really!! I think... I dunno, we'll see!

Every girl and their mum has jumped on these shiny lame leggings hype... I dunno!! Some people look like idiots... if your legs aren't toned - why would you subject yourself to such embarrasment?! Just seeing the cellulite imprints on the leggings... nuff said!

I went to the salon to do my hair! *sigh*... I predicted 3 hours... way too ambitious! It is not imperative to spend the whole day @ the hairdressers but I feel like wherever I go, that is exactly what I end up doing! This black people timing/mentality is really not working for me at all!

Got my BlackBerry! Woop Woop!! Merry Christmas to me! Loool!! Not buying anyone presents this year... didn't buy anyone presents last year as it goes... my friend Mike called me 'Scrooge'... imagine!!

My best friend made contact...

Don't you hate when it rains... you get on the bus and sit down... your seat feels wet but you convince yourself its just cold, then you get off the bus and realise it was actually WET!! Could that be PISS?! My hatred for public transport is... my hatred for public transport is like my hatred for fat kids!! As much as you wish they would disappear... they never do! Fat kids irk me 'cos they always know the exact time to linger around you... just breathing all loud, mouth watering, stubby fingers... "ohhhh I want some!" Just GREEDY!!

I am constantly being told that I look very young for my age... compliment or insult?!

Teedra Moses... we love you!! We miss you!! Come back soooooooon!

Oh that reminds me... another candidate for my 'crush' list... Columbus Short!! He is too much in 'Stomp the Yard'... just smiling throughout the whole film... hahaha neeeeek!! I don't care... fine example of a good black man! Do excuse his attire... he was working!! Lol!

I am loving Brandy right now... her live performances are serious! Her runs are perfect every single time!

I'm actually really happy for Alexandra - X-Factor winner 2008! London does have talent... such a better representative than that dry ass Leona!! I cannot be the only person that thinks that girl is boring... it actually hurts! Talented but dry as hell!! Can you imagine a conversation with her?! Lmao... Exactly!!

Hmm... I'm in one of those moods!

"We can pop bottles
All night
Baby you can have whatever you like"
... No strings attached?! Seen!

Really cold fish and chips or really cold Special Fried Rice?!

I want a pair of Uggs... they may make your feet look way bigger than they really are... may not be attractive to the human eye... but they keep your feet warm! Anyone... T.I, Santa, Hugh Hefner!!
No, I'm playing... Miss Independent out here!! I hate when girls say that if I'm honest... you should never have to brag about buying your own things and providing for yourself... people will be able to see that just by looking at the way you carry yourself! I blame Destiny's Child! Heffers!

Err thats it!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Something New....

Ebony and Ivory
live together in perfect harmony
side by side on my piano keyboard
oh lord why dont we?
- Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder 'Ebony and Ivory'

Lately I've been receiving alot of attention from men - mainly White guys. Now before I delve any further on this topic, I want to state there is nothing wrong with finding 'Something New' or getting your 'Jungle Fever' on, but its not really my preference.

A few years ago if you had asked me whether or not I would date a White guy the answer would of been a quick NO. Simply because I've never really been attracted to one, don't get me wrong I can look at someone like Wenworth Miller and 'appreciate' his looks (lol) but the 'average Joe' is a different story (don't ask me why).

However, a part of me thinks, why should I limit my chances of finding a good man simply because he is a different colour? What if the man that can truly make me happy does not fit this small box of preference that I have created for myself?

Its a sad fact that Black Women are less likely to get married in comparison to any other race and we are also the least likely to marry outside our ethnic group...coincidence?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Although I also feel that there would be a huge culture clash within an interracial relationship. For example something like 'meeting the parents', which already has its own anxieties could be a very awkward experience. Coming from an African background, there are certain little aspects of my culture or codes of respect that my 'Vanilla Love' might not understand and may un-intentionally disrespect i.e calling my Mum by her first name (I know Gabrielle is nodding her head in agreement with that one lol).

Luckily for me most of family are quite open-minded, and I honestly don't think my mum would have a problem with me dating outside my race but I can definately see her making a few jokes though SMH.

This is a topic that I have discussed with various people, and its been mentioned that some Black women don't like to date outside of their race because they feel some sense of loyalty to the 'Brothers'. That's strange because It does'nt seem like the Black man shares this loyalty or maybe he is unaware of our unspoken pact?

....And is it me or does society make it more acceptable for a Black Man to date a White Women but not the other way round?

Then there's the issue of raising children. I don't know about you, but growing up I was confused enough, figuring out what nationality to tick on an application form. How do you provide a healthy balance of diverse cultures within a child's up-bringing?

I'm going to stop here because this post is already too long :-) Maybe I'll create a part 2?

Like always your comments/thoughts are welcomed,


Tuesday, 9 December 2008

T.O.N.Y by Solange Knowles

Everyone has that one guy/girl who messed them up!! Felt like you were completely in love but that person wasn't mirroring the same feelings you had! Prevents you from putting yourself out there again, the person that made you bitter maybe even scared!! Anyway, this song is a progression - starts off feeling neglected, needy and by the end of the song, smart and confident, realising that the person was no good anyway!! Its one of those BELT OUT type songs, picturing a girl/guy on their bed singing their heart out after calling the person more than 20 times with no reply! LOL

I'm sure I had already watched the video but can't find it anywhere... listen to it though!

'Me and Tony don't speak no more
It all most been a week oh no
My how time goes so fast
But I still refuse to call his ass
I remember the way that I reacted
And today is even more attractive
But I really miss Tony.

Then Tony call me one day
He said that he just called to say hey
And it wasn't until he called me back
That I realized I needed more than that
I'm a love wiser and a little older
Hey baby it was nice to know ya
Good bye Tony.'

Feels Good to Be Back!!

I love the Internet, and when it refused to co-operate I realised that it has taken over my life!! I don't really watch TV anymore (apart from the Hills, College Hill and the old re-runs of Girlfriends)... but apart from that... its all the worldwide web!! My apologies, I did want to post!! Time to catch up!!

I would like to acknowledge all the Caucasians catching jungle fever! Ms TooFly can elaborate when she posts but I have been attracting quite a few and you all know that I do not discriminate!! But these guys, they're not the Paul Walker, Wentworth Miller even Mark Ronson that I asked for!! Haha... "what will please you woman?" I don't knoowwww, but the calibre of people that have been approaching me... *sigh* one sweet day!!

Yaaay for me!! I apologised to my friend and even though I haven't heard from him since, (shameful init), I'm content!! I'm happy that I swallowed my pride and apologised because I did realise that I wasn't a good friend to him and so now that that has been dealt with, the guilty feeling has gone!

I like the smell of petrol... I really do!

Some people say I'm rude but I really don't think so, I could be a bit more tactful when I say things but then that would not be the honest truth!! So, you lack common sense... I only said it because 'you do'... there's no sense in crying about it, just think before you say anything! Simple!!

Church was really inspiring, 'a friend should bring out the best in you, an acquaintance doesn't care!' Everyday is a lesson! There are people you speak to who don't care about your progress and its only until something happens that you realise whether they are a friend or acquaintance!!

I'm sorry but I love Solange Knowles... more than Beyonce! Her style is different, sound reminiscent of the 60's Motown classics... everytime I hear 'Sandcastle Disco' I start smiling!! But T.O.N.Y is the tune to look out for... 'memba I told you!!

Ms TooFly hit the nail on the head with the recent Brandy post, so heres another one! A great live performance of 'Right Here (Departed)'... Get it Brandy!!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Brandy - 'Long Distance'