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Friday, 31 July 2009


I find there are days where I go through different emotions... randomly!! In the morning I'm irritable, the afternoon I'm happy, evening... doubtful! And thats how I felt today... doubtful!

Doubting my path, my future, my progress... but I feel that sometimes this doubt is imminent after I've spoken to someone... especially someone my age who seems to be doing far better than I am! It doesn't matter how happy I can be but that doubt always seems to creep in... *shakes head* ... but as doubtful as I may be at that time... I am confident in the fact that God has my back and I will be just fine!

I feel like ever since I was young I've been living for other people, I've always been into diverse music, I've always had a different fashion sense... I've always been called 'neeky'... and when you're young you try so hard to fit in... you just want to be a part of something but as I grew older, I realised that I am the way I am because God made me this way... and He didnt make a mistake, so if I like different music... that is my business, that is my taste... not everybody on this Earth will like the same thing, yet I feel like we put so much pressure on ourselves to conform to whatever we feel is acceptable.

I've embraced my uniqueness... and I find it funny that things I've liked that have been mocked are now being accepted because its 'fashionable'... Stay true to yourselves people... and don't doubt the way you've been created, don't doubt yourself, don't doubt your abilities...

I didn't mean for this post to come out like this, lol! Be inspired!

I've listened to this song countless times but seemed to miss this blog's motto in Lauren's verse 'I must confess, my destiny's manifest'...

'Manifest Destiny '09'!! The desires of your heart will be manifested in your future as long as you believe that it is possible and within reach, maybe not now... but most certainly in your future!!

- Gabrielle

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Miss Fab Black said...

look to the Source of YOUR future..the same way God did not make a mistake with you and your individual tastes, is the same way He didn't make a mistake with your Journey. In everything, follow your heart, your dreams will come to manifest in due time sweetheart! Don't try to conform to everyone else's timing.
Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you, says the LORD. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
I hope that helps : )

Blackbutterfly said...

I like this blog and can relate. I always compare myself to others but really try to check myself when I realise I am doing it.
Sometimes we look at others but might not see what really happens in their life i.e. we think they have it made and everything is easy for them but the reality might be different.

Neesh B Fly said...

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